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I knew that that’s where the tools¬†full coverage dental plans were but I have extreme anxiety with dentistry so I just didn’t even want to look at the table with all the tools on it because I think that was probably give me more anxiety so I was just like okay¬†full coverage dental plans let’s just do this he had a little TV playing like I lived I Love Lucy I think actually I think if it was.

full coverage dental plans
full coverage dental plans

I Love Lucy I would have liked it so it was not I Love Lucy it was something else it was like TV Lance you’d think they’d put something more interesting but of course the oral surgeon came in he was like can you handle these shots and I was like really .

I was like molt I have no choice now I’m sitting here and you’re gonna do it so thank God my oral surgeon did not show me ridiculously huge needle what the who’s in the stick of my mouth and because .

I only got the bottom two I only had to get about six different shops of the Novocaine which was just glorious it’s pretty much hurt like you get a shot I mean I’m not a huge fear I don’t have a huge fear of needles but it was not and joyous experience at one point he hit a nerve and .

I screamed and that was surprising and that gave me extreme anxiety and my heartbeats are compounding and yeah that was pretty much the worst part I thought or he thought that was gonna be the worst part so then everyone left the room the assistant am and then he had two students .

which you watching which was just lovely so everyone left the room and they left me alone for like five minutes seven minutes maybe and I was just you know getting anxiety he came back in and he was like oh you know