Dental Plans Oregon Are Really Effective

Dental Plans Oregon Are Really Effective

  • dental plans oregon special  attention to the claim sending format module and  we can see that the procedures  dental plans oregon  set complete.
  • Have the word unsent this tells  us that the patient has insurance and that we haven’t sent these procedures to .
dental plans oregon
dental plans oregon
  • The insurance yet so on today’s appointment she had the number pfm done if we come back to the account if .

I  don’t select any of the procedures.

  • That have that unsent status which I may or may not want to do you’ll want to always verify that the proper.
  • Procedures are included in a claim when you just  come in and use this button as you can see here I have a.
  • Procedure from October th and a procedure from October th so I may have neglected creating a claim for.
  • This procedure on  the th if you don’t want to send those in a single claim then you need to alternately.

Instead of just coming in and hitting new claim 

  • Then you can create a claim so I created a claim for the October th data service let’s go over that one more.
  • Time in a little more detail I’m selecting the procedure from October th and I can hit the new claim button alternately.
  • Before I save this claim if I needed to I could click the down arrow to the right of the new claim button and.
  • Be able to choose if this patient had medical insurance or another insurance or I only wanted to create.
  • The secondary claim for some reason I could come in  here and choose which type of claim I want to .
  • Create so I just hit that new claim button and in this edit claim window if open dental is properly set up .
  • Most of this information will not need to be changed at all at the top so you’re going to see the claim status.
  • Right now my status is waiting to send I  have there several different statuses that you’re going to see.
  • Throughout the webinar today and I’m going to leave that alone because I’m going to let open dental automatically deal with